African Cultural Renaissance

 The African Cultural Renaissance (ACR) is Africa’s digital platform for cultural heritage, providing online access to a repository of digitized cultural content from cultural institutions across Africa – from books, photos, paintings, artifacts, mixed media, infographics, animations and 3D imaging. Operating as a cultural encyclopedia & publishing company, ACR generates a broad range of Afrocentric/cultural-education content – designed to provide interesting insights into a range of subjects for children, millennial consumers, general Africans and Africans in diaspora, while providing effective advertising solutions for commercial entities. 

Who We are

ACR is made possible by the collaboration of several interlinked expert organisations who share the vision of a cultural heritage sector transformed by digital media-technology, and an Africa transformed by culture. Together, we call this ecosystem the African Cultural Renaissance (ACR).


ACR imagines an African cultural/heritage education sector powered by digital media & technology and a continent powered by culture. The impact of ACR is far reaching and strategic by boosting Africans resilient nature, growing economies, increased employment, improved well-being and an increased sense of African identity & unity.


ACR empowers the cultural heritage sector in its digital transformation.  We develop digital content, expertise, tools and policies to embrace digital change and encourage partnerships that foster innovation and heritage preservation.  We make it easier for people to use cultural heritage for education, research, creation and recreation. Our work contributes to an open, knowledgeable and creative African society.

What We Do

We Collaborate

ACR brings together cultural heritage professionals from all domains and from all across Africa through our aggregator’s networks, forum, diverse projects, and partnerships - and an array of physical and digital events. We collaborate to develop the most high-quality, high-impact content available to African millennials today.

We Build Capacity

We provide opportunities for institutions and individuals in the cultural heritage sector to develop their digital skills and practice. Together, we work to raise awareness, build partnerships, enable peer-to-peer working and develop tools, services and events which support cultural heritage organisations in their digital transformation.

We Advocate

ACR provides the cultural heritage sector with a voice advocating for better digital and preservation practices that support openness, transparency and reuse of digital cultural heritage across the diaspora.

We Build Technology

ACR develops and maintains technical solutions for showcasing, sharing and using digital cultural heritage. We curate and develop our own bespoke content and originals, and make them available via our WEB/LMS, while continuously controlling our systems and processes used internally to develop, manage, enrich and curate cultural heritage material.

We Reach Audiences

ACR curates relevant & dynamic content and empowers cultural heritage institutions to connect with Africans all around the word (both domestic and in the diaspora). We work to collate, curate, structure, share and promote cultural heritage content from all across Africa so that it can be used and enjoyed by educators, researchers, creatives and culture lovers across the world. We support all cultural heritage institutions to create good quality digital assets in standardized formats, allowing them to share, explore, interrogate and use their collections in ways that fulfil their own institutional missions.